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There’s A Lot To Share With Our New Update for iOS!

Spoiler Alert: Sharing runs is about to get a lot more fun!

Today we’re releasing a new update today on iPhone that’s all about helping you understand and celebrate your progress in a more personalized way! Whether your goals are running a marathon or getting back out there again, we hope it motivates you to tackle new things in 2017. Check out the updates:

Bring on the Likes

We love seeing your runs from across the globe on social and we’re thrilled to announce we updated our workout sharing experience to make this even easier. Using the native share sheet, you can easily send those Runkeeper photos and stats just about anywhere you want—including Instagram! We’ve also included some fun new overlays to help make your post even more personalized and shareworthy. Don’t forget to tag @Runkeeper to connect with more Runkeeper users across the globe.

Photo Share

Keep Track of Your PRs

We’re all about helping you know your progress so you’re motivated to achieve more, so we’ve also updated the Me tab to include your personal records. Under your profile picture you’ll now be able to see your stats from your fastest race distances. We’ve also pointed to training plans that will be helpful for chasing down future goals.

Keep track of PRs

A Run Down Memory Lane

From now on, when you save your activities you’ll be able to name them whatever you want and categorize them with activity tags like “race,” “hill workout,” “stroller run,” and more. This is hugely helpful for when you’re going back and reviewing your training. We know emotions are a complex thing, so we’ve also expanded to five different emoticons to answer the question “how did this run feel?” Perfect for those days when you’re feeling good but not quite great but also not awful.

Save Updates

My Average Pace Was What?!

Your activity splits are now easier to read and include detail on elevation changes. That should give you even more insight into how you’re doing over the course of your run and where you might even be able to pick it up a bit.

Slit Updates

Be sure to download the latest version of Runkeeper on the App Store to check out the new activity sharing options, PRs, activity tags, and more.
Happy Running!


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