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Aid in Injury Prevention with KT Tape

Pay close attention at your next race or on any popular running route and you may see more than one runner with brightly colored strips of tape applied directly to their skin.  That’s KT Tape (short for kinesiology therapeutic tape) and you can add it to the (growing) list of weird but useful running supplies.


The tape provides targeted pain relief for your overworked and sore joints, muscles, and tendons. With elastic at its core, the tape supports like a brace. Intimidated? Don’t be, KT Tape offers a handy quick start guide with instructions for taping up the most common problem areas, so you’re not fumbling around with Secondskin Adhesive. AND it stays in place for up to 3 days, through showers, humidity, cold, and even trips to the pool.

Shop KT Tape here for Original Cotton and PRO varieties.


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