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#MusicMonday Vol. 31: Boston Run

What’s up, Monday warriors. Today we’re celebrating the world’s oldest annual marathon, which takes place in Boston. The sport of running has come a long way, no pun intended, since the first marathon competition in the 1896 Summer Olympics. That’s right – the tradition of running marathons is over 100 hundred years old. And while marathons aren’t for every runner, they certainly hold a mystique among our community, perhaps none more so than the one taking place today in Boston.

So, in the spirit of running’s untraditional origins (running wasn’t always cool, ya know) we just want to say one thing with this playlist: Keep Running Weird! Now that’s not to say that you should run with weird form, unless that’s your thing. All we’re saying is, remember that the sport of running was championed by free-spirited thinkers. Today, we salute them with this playlist of like-minded musicians.

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