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Progression Run Workout: Improve Your Speed With the ASICS Pace Academy™ Challenge

This week’s workout is the third in a series of five workouts that make up the ASICS Pace Academy™ Challenge. Progression runs are great for building endurance and helping to condition you to finish fast—which is important for running a faster 5K!

The point of a progression run is to start slow and gradually increase your pace throughout the workout. The first third of this run should be comfortable, you will have plenty of time to run fast so don’t push too hard. A good test is that you should be able to easily carry on a conversation or breathe easily.

For the middle portion of the run you should increase the your pace to a moderate effort level (about 45-90 seconds per mile faster than your slow pace). Just think of it as shifting up a gear!

During the final portion of the run, you should kick it up another gear and push yourself to run fast (~2 minutes per mile faster than your slow pace). You will be huffing and puffing by the end of this workout, so walk for 5 minutes afterward to cool down. Ready to run?

The Workout

  • Run 10 minutes slow
  • Run 10 minutes moderate
  • Run 10 minutes fast
  • Walk for 5 minutes

That’s it! Are you ready to run? Join the ASICS Pace Academy™ Challenge and get started to unlock more workouts to help you improve your speed.



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