Get out the door & stick with it.


#MusicMonday Vol. 36: Endurance Run

Monday, Wednesday, Friday… it doesn’t matter what day it is—music fires up our spirit from the second we open our eyes. Welcome that bright sunlight pouring through our window and know that the fresh air is waiting for you, and your body is craving freedom! At Jaybird, we never take this earth or our bodies for granted, but sometimes we need a solid playlist to make it through, and today’s particular challenge—endurance run—is one of those days.

If hearing Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” doesn’t make you just want to run (away) and keep on running, then “Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit should have the right amount of hypnotic electronics to waste away any thoughts of time or doubt that might not crush today’s Challenge. Remember, we’re always running with you. Just grab your Freedoms or X3s and let’s go!

Brought to you by Jaybird. 


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