Get out the door & stick with it.


What Moves you?

Running is a journey and everyone’s story is different. Whether you’re training to chase down a new PR, trying to stay healthy and fit for you and your family, finding a time to escape everyday stresses, or just beginning your fitness journey—we want to celebrate what moves you and keeps you coming back for more.

They say that one run can change your day, and that many runs can change your life. Over the next several weeks we are going to highlight stories from runners across the world who set out to better themselves and in the process fell in love with running.

As part of this series, we will feature several runners who were a part of the documentary From Fat to Finish Line, now on Netflix. The documentary follows a dozen men and women who change their lives when they each commit to shedding 100 pounds (or more!) and completing a 200-mile relay run together. The film provides an inside look at the trials, challenges, and triumphs that occur when you’re in the process of tackling a big goal.

We all have goals that move us and we want to celebrate yours. Share your story with us at and follow along for inspirational stories to help keep you going.


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