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Get Rewarded for Your Run

Whether you run for fun or fitness, sometimes it’s nice to have a little motivation to get you past the finish line. That’s why we like to offer Workout Rewards to make end of a run that much sweeter.

After you achieve a goal or personal record, you’ll receive a pop-up alert in the app; tapping on this will take you to a screen where you can redeem or deny. Once you’ve opted in, keep a lookout in your inbox where your Workout Reward will be waiting for you!

Right now, hitting the pavement (or treadmill) can get you 20% off of plant-based protein products from Vega or special-rate life insurance for runners from Health IQ plus a special discount to the Runkeeper store. To note, a Workout Reward isn’t guaranteed after every workout; consider it more of a surprise when you least expect it!

Didn’t get your Workout Reward in your email? Send an email over to and we’ll hook it up.

Cate Halbeisen

About the author:
Cate Halbeisen

Cate is a Customer Communications Specialist and Junior Copywriter at Runkeeper. She sleeps with a jar of peanut butter under her pillow. Watch her attempt food photography @vivacaterina on Instagram.