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Countdown to The ASICS Austrian Women’s Run: Running Through the Good and the Bad

My name is Anna and I am a distance runner living in Kassel, Germany. Running holds a special place in my heart—as a child my father inspired and encouraged me to lace up my shoes and begin training. Running has always fostered a source of connection to my family. We all share a passion for the sport and have been brought together through all of our racing experiences.

Running has made me stronger over the years. When I started to run it was just for fun—I didn’t pay attention to the time or the distance because I was just focusing on the experience. This mentality changed when I joined a running group in school. Training with other athletes taught me how to properly and effectively use my workouts to progress. It wasn’t an easy transition for me—I had good and bad sessions—but I started taking running more seriously and competed in races. Here, I experienced feelings of accomplishment and disappointment. I broke PR’s and had bad races. I slowly became resilient as I channeled every bad run, every injury, every fight and every race into making myself stronger. Sometimes it was hard to get back up and go on, but I am proud to say that, in the end, my ambition would always prevail over my doubts and excuses.

In running, sometimes you end up achieving things you never thought you could. At one point, I didn’t believe I could finish a marathon. I was so familiar with running 5K’s and 10K’s that the 42K marathon distance overwhelmed and intimidated me. However, I was inspired by my teammates and ASICS Frontrunner friends, and I started developing an unshakeable itch to run a marathon. I then became determined and submerged myself in training longer distances. Despite hundreds of miles and even a fever testing my mental and physical limits, I came face-to-face with race day for the Frankfurt Marathon and as I crossed the finish line, I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride and achievement for making my dreams a reality.

I’ve been able to take the challenges and lessons I’ve learned into my everyday life, too. At work, there are “easy and hard workouts,” but I am constantly striving to stay upbeat and find a positive attitude to get through every obstacle that I face. I have learned to focus on certain goals, which make me work or plan more efficiently.

For me, running is not just looking at times and distances, but also finding relief from a stressful day—a chance to let my mind be free and enjoy the moment, especially when meeting my friends and teammates for a run. Sometimes, we’re so engrossed in conversation that kilometers fly by.

And what am I looking forward to now? What is my next goal? These are the questions I’m constantly asking myself as a runner. I think I have found the perfect race to answer these questions: The ASICS Austrian Women’s Run in Vienna.

I can’t wait to share my passion for running with other women in Vienna. It’s empowering to think that several generations—grandmothers to granddaughters—will run together and enjoy this moment. I am looking forward to meeting the other women and hearing their inspiring stories. I’m also thrilled to see my friends from the ASICS family who are a part of the ASICS Frontrunner team.

I’m truly honored and excited to be part of a movement of 35,000 women who are coming together and running through Vienna—I hope this event inspires more women to find strength in themselves to get out and achieve their goals.


Over the years, running has become a huge part of my life. Running is like a friend—it has been there for me through good times and bad, highs and lows of life. Running has exposed me to a lot of different experiences and awesome people with the same passion. But I know this is only the beginning, I’m sure running will show me new places, give me new goals and leave me with a lot of new stories—I can’t wait!

Anna Starostzik

About the author:
Anna Starostzik

Anna is an ASICS Frontrunner based in Germany. Her dad inspired her to start running as a teenager, and a few years ago, she discovered the passion for herself. Today she loves to run with her father, husband and friends.


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